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Thread: need help

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    need help

    can anybody help me get creditcard numbers

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    well um, incase you didnt know, thats not what AO is for, this is a secuirty website designed to help people understand hackers and security methods so they can prevents such things, like people stealing credit cards, im not gonna neg you, but those are the wrong types of questions to be asking, go and look at the faq here :
    if all you wanna do is try and find credit card numbers, this site is not for you.
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    also, you forget that this forum is called "Code Review". I fail to see how this has anything to do with reviewing code. The absolute BEST thing you can do here is to read the FAQ. Read it over and over and over until you get it in to your head that AO is here to help people learn and not to commit crimes. Read the Faq, join the white hats, and learn something, eh? Cuz right now you are going downbn the wrong path...Please no negs

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    Go here for them. But shhh.. keep it a secret okay?

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