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Thread: How to remove spyware from RealPhx.com

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    How to remove spyware from RealPhx.com

    Hey guy, i have a lot of friends who dont really understand how computers work and they have all got spyware from www.realphx.com. Before i continue, this tutorial is also valid for any other form of spyware that you wish to have deleted from your computer. Anyways, here is a tutorial i wrote for my school and i wanted to share it with you guys also. As you can tell from the tutorial, my school's name is Menlo School, and i mention it quiet a few times. Anyways here it is, download the .zip form and unzip "spyware.doc". If you really hate microsoft and you are using Abiword or something else, you can change it to .rtf Anyways, i hope it works and fixes your problems
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    Nice simple tut.
    I personally haven't been infected and i know no one who has been, cause i dont use AIM
    Nice going on refering Spyware blaster. They really do a great job, u don't even get to install the spy (my tool of option). Their latest updates (about 5 minutes ago) haven't got RealPhx yet, but in the forum there's alredy a small 'how to remove it' guide, so it shouldn't take long 4 it to be in their database.

    My humble sugestion to all who want to avoid spy n stuff, is to follow White_Eskimos advice and then add schedule spyblaster and spybot S n D to check for updates every day... this wont take more then 5 seconds and is a really necessary step.

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    I try to use best freeware on my PC and have good privace. You can prevent infection or cure pc b4 it become too late if you will use 2 complet different AV on you PC. On from west companies and one from east companies. One for realtime protection and one just for scan and report. That halped me few times when one AV can find Vir and other cant. It is almost same with adds and popups.
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