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    FFXI online

    Ok... Yeah I know there is a what is your Favorite game thread already.

    I don't really care. I want to make this one, because I haven't been on in 5 days and that is a really really long time for me.


    FFXI online Rocks
    I love that game. It is utterly one of the Best if not thee best Computer RPG's out.

    I love it. The graphics the Game play. I swear that thing is so cool. If you were thinking about getting it. Go ahead.

    I am telling you it is worth it. Part of the reason I have been gone. I am trying to make lv10 so I can do.

    Oh man...

    One other thing I want to do is keep a record of what servers who is on. I am looking for a World pass. And when i get it. I am going to do some hoping around to come see some people.

    If anyone buy any chance has an extra one laying around or any Black Mage stuff they don't need or want. Feel free to give it to me.

    FFXI online Rocks.

    Now we return to your regularly scheduled Program

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    Hey, if you ever want to hook up on PO, my handle is GreekGoddess, just send me a note.

    Right now, I have a LVL7/WAR/Hume/F named Aleighera on the CaitSith server. I just got enough money to buy a world pass for imaginedsanity, so I can drag his ass over to play with me.

    I'm obsessed. I haven't been fighting quite as much as I've been crafting and auctioning the past few days.

    P.S. If you play Tetra Master (I'm not really all that fond of the game, not as much as Triple Triad from FFVIII), my nick on there is GreekGoddess as well.

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