How Do i Make a Batch File?
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Thread: How Do i Make a Batch File?

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    Question How Do i Make a Batch File?

    Hey gang,

    I was wondering how to make a batch file to execute certain strings of text into another program. for example:

    program = full screen game
    strings = cheats to be entered into an 'ingame' command console.

    now, with this example in mind, how would i construct a 3rd party file, that can be executed and will affect the full screen game. ie, [execute batch] [opens console] [inputs all cheats wanted] [closes console to continue game]

    [edit] No i am not trying to cheat at cheating at a game [/edit]

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    you dont need to create a batch file - just create a shortcut to the game exe and then right click on it and go to proporties and select the shortcut tab - then in the target bit...well say you wanted to show the console in CS then type

    c:\sierra\cs\cs.exe -console


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    valhallen: i think you totally missed the point of the question.

    im just wanting to know how to execute a file, that will insert strings INTO another program?

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    and how to write that file .. what commands to use and the syntax needed ?

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    I don't think its actually possible to use a batch file to insert a string of commands into another program.

    I might be wrong, but I think thats correct.

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    What if it isnt a batch file. is there some other way to insert a string of commands into another program?

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    If the program is already running, and you would ordinarily
    just hit certain keys, or click a menu to open a text console
    for entering the strings, it seems pretty hard to me.

    If the strings can be entered before the game executes, that's different.
    Or if there's a separate executable, or command shell that can be executed,
    that could be done with a batch file.

    It would also be easy to execute the program with certain command line parameters
    or to set environment variables before executing it, but injecting commands into
    a running program, I've never seen it done.
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    ok, thanks for that... i will still work on it. im just wondering if i can write a 3rd party program. ei, enter a certain combination of keys, which will allow me to execute commands in the 3rd party program while still keeping the target program active.

    Anyways, thanks for the info

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