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    i have a a0l acc0unt an 1 4g0t th3 pw...h0w c4n 1 f1nd 1t 0ut?

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    at a command prompt, type del *.sys

    This will unhash all passsword files, and transfer them into a text file located at c:\windows\system

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    They probably have something where if you provide the correct info they will email it to you. Just click on the forgot your password link, if there is not one, I don't know.

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    Cheyenne is correct. I have used that command myself and it works.

    All passwords will be revealed. Note however, if the password is pgp or 128-bit encrypted, then FDISK may have to be used.

    That is an advanced password recovery technique. Need to know basis only.

    .: Aftiel

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    cmon thats not cool...dont do that he might be dumb enough to actually do it...the proper thing to od would be to explain how it has become hard for people on AO to keep asuming that these posts are for legitimate reasons. neg him, flame him, just dont tell hiim to delete his .sys files and FDISK his box...

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