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Thread: No Easy Solution to Spyware

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    No Easy Solution to Spyware

    Lawmakers have yet to get a handle on the best way to combat computer spyware' that tracks Internet users' online activity, a nonprofit policy group said on Tuesday. Rather than drafting narrowly targeted legislation to outlaw specific snooping tactics, Congress should establish broad online privacy rights to protect against secret online surveillance
    to read more http://www.wired.com/news/technology...=wn_techhead_8

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    Yes but...

    I agree, but Congress can't control the world. Whats needs to be done it have the UN or another worldwide organization set up international standards for the rights of online privacy.

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    I believe that the UN would be better than Congress, but I didn't think that the UN covered all nations. (Correct me if I'm wrong) So it would have to be just effective in those nations, which would be a GREAT step towards eliminating spyware, spam, etc but I dont believe that it would completely put a halt to it. Some businesses (or people) might even move to other countries...

    It would however be tremendous if we actually started to attempt to deal with the spyware problem, in some fashion.

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    Well the UN would more or less cover enough of the world to ensure that Spyware is considered 'wrong' and could have a domino effect.

    I guess its really a question of how can anyone control the net, and should there be laws that govern it etc.

    Either way I hope to see some progress against this practice.

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    Look if the softwear is installed on your system with out your consent thats allready illigal in most countries. Unfortunitly with spyware youare useualy consenting t oinstalling it with out reliseing that you are. You want to stop spyware then educate users and make sure that they understand there is never a free lunch.
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