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    Buying New Comp...

    I just had a question on what you thought would be the best thing to do. Right now I have a Dell 8100, it's about 3 years old, it has a 1.3 GHz, 256 DDRAM, and it's simply said, SLOW! Now we are looking into getting an other computer. What I do on the comps is, keep up websites, I'm trying to get to know hack/programing like yall here (it's harder than i, and just basic word processing and other general things. I personally am a Dell fan, but there is a great deal at Costco on this Gateway that has a 3.06 GHz processor, 1G of memory (if I remember correctly), 19" flat pannel monitor and a few other things that I don't really recall. It is an older model and the hardwear in it is a little out dated, but barely. If I remember correctly it is between $1300 and $1800, but that is compared to $3000. Now you are all probably going to say, build your own or have it built but what ever I do don't go and spend the money on buying on from a company like Dell, Gateway, IBM, ect.. Well I tried to do that, but my fokes just won't go for it. They are convenced that if you do something like htat, you are bound to get a computer that is messed up and will never work correctly. But hey, it's mostly their money, so how can I So if you guys have some good imput. I'm thinking the Gateway from costco is going to work just fine. I just need a machine that is faster has a larger compasity, Oh, that reminds me, the Costco hardrive was a 250. Anyways, any imput would be great.

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    well since it looks like building your own comp is out of the question, even though it would probably cost the same to build your own if you played your cards right, go for the gateway, my only concern would be if you wanted to install a non-windows operating system like most of us use here at AO, you might have problems, becuase installing linux or unix along with factory installed Windows could create problems, not sure how severe(if any at all), there is a good chance nothing will go wrong. the main reason i would suggest building your own is becuase it creates a knowledge of how computers are put together, run, and work ( on a basic level of course), but that is a good place to start. anyhow, thegate way sounds like a good deal, aside, thats just my 2 cents.
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    I would not buy Gateway..............they have fallen apart as a supplier in Europe.........they are on the way out of PCs as far as I can see...............try a few Google will get my drift?

    You have a Dell Dimension 8100 with a 1.3Ghz Pentium IV?..............I have a 1.7 of a similar vintage. If I were going to spend money, the first thing that I would do is upgrade the Dell.

    You do not tell us your OS................I will guess that it is WIN Me? or 98SE?

    My gut feel is that if you upgrade to 512Mb RAM (It is RAMBUS PC800? or PC2100?) and change your OS to XP, the thing will run like a rocket. I would guess that the RAM should give you about 20% and the OS another 25%?

    Also, you do not specify your HDD. I would say that it is probably 30/40?..............put in a 120@7200rpm?

    I am willing to bet that the 250 HDD only runs at 5400?

    From what you say, I would buy a second user ex-corporate box and upgrade it? You can then mess with networking and stuff...maybe just get hold of an extra base unit as well?

    I would suggest that you could do the lot for less than $500? So you could afford a nice new monitor as well.

    BTW flat panel monitors (LCD) are not as good as CRT.............if you look for a good video card it is wasted on LCD.

    Good luck
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    Buying a new computer and can't build your own?

    My advice would be to buy from a major munufacturer like IBM or Dell (Dell usually has the best deals, but thier equipment is a little nonstandard) who will back up a warranty claim. Don't buy it from a mom and pop shop who might sell the serial numbers off the back of thier boxes. It happened to a friend of mine a while ago - his copy of Windows XP came with a serial number which had been used so many times it wouldn't register. (To Microsoft's side, they gave him a new SN in two minutes and filed a lawsuit against the shop)

    I would think the best processor deal right now is the Intel P4 2.4C, at least for Intel. I don't know much about AMD processors because I don't like how hot they run. Maybe the better deals are a little faster now, mine's about 3 months old. Make sure the RAM speed matches the FSB speed (it doesn't have to, but it works better that way) on the processor, and if you get a 2.4C or better, make sure the mobo supports hyperthreading.

    Get a 7200 RPM hard drive or faster. The hard drive is the slowest part of any computer, the faster the better.

    The Gateway deal from Costco sounds like one hell of a deal, but take nihil's advice; if the company is on the way out, don't buy from them.

    If you're plannning to run Linux or another non-windows OS, make sure you don't buy a WinModem or a WinPrinter, since they don't work with anything but Windows.

    But whatever you end up getting, make sure you look at the specs very closely first. People wind up with nasty surprises when they don't.
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    Ok, here is the thing,

    We're running XP to answer one of your questions, but the other thing is, upgrading this comp any more is out of the question. This really isn't our comp, my dad is the pastor of our church and the office is in our home, so we get to use the churchs' comp since it's in our house, you feel me? So even tho I would much rather go w/the Dell, I am thinking that we are going to be stuck w/the Gateway. Money is the biggets issue here. If you can get me a system that is running like that Gateway for the same price (1300-1800) then heck ya, i'll go for it, but my guess is, your not going to be able to. So thx so much for your imput and I really apprecate it, but I was just wanting to see what everyone here would recomend, I still sorta knew it was set in stone tho. Thx a bunch!
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