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Thread: The Type-O-Positive thread

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    The Type-O-Positive thread

    With all the bitching and things going on lately, I for one am sick of it. This thread is going to be a positive one. The idea of this thread is to reply and say something you like/respect about at least 10 members here. Please do not reply unless you are going to say something you like/respect about the members here.

    I think we need a thread like this one, all of the fame wars right now going around are getting old. I know I'v started quite a few, and there isn't any reaso for it except I really Like poking fun at things. I'm just joking when I do it but people take it seriously.

    Anyway, I want people to reply here in this thread, and say positive things about people here.

    If this backfires and turns into a flamewar or something, I'm sure Ennis will back me up on this and delete those posts that go off topic. In no particular order, I'll start:

    MathGirl32: You were one of the first people I ever met here. Your smart, and could sooooo whip my ass in math. Your awesome!

    Negative: You were another of the first peopele I met here, Your smart...Actually I think just about everyone I'm putting here is smart, ah well lol. You also have a jacket I really want, and your funny. Good to have you around here.

    Tedob1: I havnt known you long, but your an awesome dude. You kick ass, and I think you contribute alot to this website. You rock dude!

    Phishphreek80: Heh, your awesome man. We talk alot and your always cool to me. Your another of the first people I ever met here and your still one of the people I talk to the most. You rock!

    TheJinx: Your the **** man. Your smart as hell and your cool!

    Prodikal: Heh, another one of my best friends on AO. Your smart as hell and I have the utmost respect for you. You also kick ass with music taste. Glad your here. You rock dude.

    Ennis: I havnt known you too long, but you like the Doors, so your already cool. You do alot for this place. you rock man.

    Souleman: Heh, you live like what? 30 minutes away? Still never came to see me, lol, oh well. your smart as hell and you know your ****. Now if youd actually come around more often. You do a **** load for this place and your fun to talk to. Even if you are a mac user

    Korpdeth: Dude your awesome too. You kick major ass. Maybe one day we can go see The Misfits!

    Debwalin: We used to talk alot but I havnt heard from you in months, your fun. Hope you and your children are doing well.

    GreekGoddes: We used to talk a **** load too. anyway, your awesome with graphics and fun to talk to. Hope your doing well. We don't talk anymore.

    AllenB1963: Your cool as hell man. I think you contribute alot here, and your fun to have around too. You rock!

    Quad: I'm pretty sure you cant stand me, but regaurdless, you do know your ****. Your pretty funny too. Now if youd straighten up and quit getting banned I think you could really help this place out alot.

    Confirmed_kill: You hated me bad lol. Ah well, your still cool. We agree on most politics, and your still funny sometimes too.

    Juridian: I'm pretty sure your on that list of people that do NOT like me too. But regaurdless your another one that is at least willing to back up what you say. you do know your ****, and I do respect you as a member here.

    Shrekkie: Ahhh, the little booger. You used SuSE for a while and then went off to GentooBSD, heh. Ah well, you still rock man.

    Rioter: Another one I'm pretty sure does not like me at all. Your funny and have a good taste in music. I have Live Acid Bath songs and I bet you don't =)

    MsMittens: You do a **** LOAD for this place. Your very smart and you know your ****. You rock!

    Er0k: Your awesome! Havn't talked with you alot, but your cool as hell.

    TheHorse13: Heh, you ****in rock dude! You write very good tutorials, and you know your **** too. Your cool as hell. Now if youd get off away on AIM lol.

    JP: Well, what can I say? I know you can't stand me, but you did found this place. So for that I thank you. You were mean to me everytime I met you, but you still founded this place, so thanks. I dont hate you like you may think, I just don't get along with you, which doesnt really matter.

    MarkBoyle: Heh, you were the only one to beat me in the AO king thing, and I WAS whippin everyone's ass in that untill the LAST DAY. Ah well, you seem to care about AO and try to help out.

    Intmon: Man you put up with ALOT of bullshit. You actually answer PMs and respond quickly. You rock man. Keep up the good work. I think you guys are doing great.

    Mnstrgrl: I dont even know you, but youv been killing more AO bugs than the Orkan man =)

    NightFalls_girl: I'v never seen anyone go from newbie to senior as fast as you have. You post alot with your opinion and stick by it and I can respect that. and you take alot of **** from people here. And your cute.

    Sweet_Angel: You rock! You havnt been on AIM hardly at all lately, but you still rock! Your hot and you use BSD! And your smart.

    Aeallison: Heh, my little PFY sidekick. Your awesome man. You helped me when I was a newbie here, and helped make me a senior. And you were also one of the first I inspired to write your OWN BOFH story. And I know you cant be on all the time, but it's good to hear from you when you are, you rock man. And now I'v been writing for both of us lately in the Bastard admin stories because youv been gone. Hope to see you back soon!

    CXGJarrod: Dude your cool as hell! You contribute to AO nicely, and your awesome!

    Catch: Heh, we may not agree on everything, but you do know your ****, and I have alot of respect for you as a person. You willing to back up what you say, and your really smart.

    Cheyyenne12: However the hell you spell that. We didn't start out to good, but afterwe talked, we had everything sorted out. you and memory both started out on the wrong foot with me, but now were cool, and your a good post whore and funny =)

    WhizKid: Dude you rock! I'v never seen anyone take my flames and bashings so well and come back with a smart ass reply! I love it. you rock! And your part of the list of victims on my Bastard admin series=)

    HT_Regz: Heh, my American hating friend. Lol, I dont care if you really hate us or not, your still cool. You even gave out almost every octet of my IP on your lil radio show lol. But you also played some of the techno I made, so it was all in good fun. You rock man.

    Noia: Dude you rock too lol. Your really cool to talk to even though we havn't talked much, your still cool though,

    Syini: Dude your awesome! Good taste in music AND you like SuSE =)

    Jehnny: Your another one I'v know for a long ass time. Your awesome and have great taste in music. your the **** man!

    ZombieMann77: You rock man. I got you nice and hooked on the Misfits and Linux now Your awesome man!

    Xmaddness: Another one I'v known since I was just a little nut stain in the AO panties You kick ass!

    Sorry if I left someone out that wanted to be included but I have to go for a bit. Reply to tis as much as you want with as many names as you'd like. Say lsomething good about everyone though. Also, say something good about you, **** I just did =)

    So for something good about me: I'm funny as hell, entertaining, smart, and I really like having fun. I can play Bass, Guitar, Some Piano, Keyboards, Drums, Turntables, I can sing, GreekGoddess said my voice was hot, I can write well, I'm very talented and creative, and I made all the people that hate me believe I was stupid, which was nothing more than a social engineering project when I was bored. Oh, and, my hair kicks ass.

    Feel free to add to this.

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    Say postive things about people huh??

    well, I'm a nice person, cute, attractive, single, smart, sexy. There I said a positive thing. lol

    since I dont' have the time to name off everyone right now I just want to say that I enjoy having everyone here that belongs to this community. I have enjoyed being a part of it. There have been a lot of people that have helped me out with my problems, and I can only hope that I have helped enough people.

    btw gore:

    I like suse to. lol

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    Sorry I started typing out my reply listing the people and why....but I dont feel I have to - my friends know they are my friends I dont need to tell them....and i could never remember everyone I would want to list anyways!

    also i dont think i need to single out reasons why i like people - i dont like people cause o any one or two things - i like them for who theyt are as a whole...not cause of certain things they do.

    I dont mean this to sound bitchy or anything - i think it is a good idea Gore , am just stressing my reasons why i havn't listed anyone - tho i still want to say you guys rawkor to all those people am friendly with


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    Well..... I am just glad for a community with all this knowledge. You guys kick @ss! (And have helped me out of many a bad situation) So thanks for the help.

    I am also quite positive about SUSE supporting most of my hardware!

    And Lastly.... Thanks for the SUSE help Gore! (I am sure I will have many more questions)
    N00b> STFU i r teh 1337 (english: You must be mistaken, good sir or madam. I believe myself to be quite a good player. On an unrelated matter, I also apparently enjoy math.)

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    I have only a few that i could mention that helped/befriended me thus far:

    I2C-> If you want to know about robots this is the guy to ask, he is willing to help to the extreme.

    Mark_boyle-> a pretty good AO-politician in my view,he seems to, somehow, run the show, but still is very friendly.

    well those are the only ones i can say , without lying, that has affected me and my AO-life in a positive way.
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    Originally posted here by HANDzCLEANx
    I have only a few that i could mention that helped/befriended me thus far:

    I2C-> If you want to know about robots this is the guy to ask, he is willing to help to the extreme.

    Mark_boyle-> a pretty good AO-politician in my view,he seems to, somehow, run the show, but still is very friendly.

    well those are the only ones i can say , without lying, that has affected me and my AO-life in a positive way.
    You just earned my respect with that post. You made a a post, gave your thoughts on it, and most of all, you were honest about it.

    CGXJarrod; Heh, don't worry man, I'm here for you with your SuSE needs. CGX is one of the people I was talking about when I said I had helped alot of people but it was usually in a PM. We just exchaged 5 of them in a row where I helped him out with servers for work and home.

    I don't feel I need to show everyone I am smart, anyone that has PM me for help knows that. And I don't need it in a thread, helping someone where everyone knows your helping is great, but when you help someone and no one else knows about it but you, it is the most rewarding because it make you feel good that you helped someone just to help, not to help and show everyone how great you are.

    Also, I may be posting the Bastard Sys Admin From Michigan #12 soon It's about 10 pages long right now.

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    I like all the members of AO. They all have something to contribute whether it be knowledge or humor.

    Here are just a few that stick out:

    Phishphreek80: because he's not afraid to give antipoints to people who help him. And also not afraid to jump in and help either, which is the case for almost everyone here.

    GreekGoddess: I love your website, very good resource for web design. You are the queen of design and the web devel forum.

    Tedob1: Very dedicated to the security aspect of this site, and a very good contributor.

    MsM: Who doesn't love MsM.

    Gore: Love your stories. And you don't just contribute humor, you also contribute knowledge. And I've never seen someone so dedicated to a certain distro(Suse).

    Tiger Shark: You seem to know a lot about security. And you helped me straighten out one of my tuts, whether you know it or not.

    catch: Where have you been. You seem to be really smart and knowledgeable and we need you here. I haven't seen you post in a while.

    I pretty much respect every senior member here, because they all contibute something to the community whether they like it or not. And I think positively of everyone here whether they know it or not.

    I like the newbies because it makes me feel smart to answer a question.

    God bless AO. The best community I've had the priviledge of being a part of.

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    I have to say that these two members have gone above and beyond the call of duty.(via PM's)

    gore: thnx for all the SuSE and Libranet help!

    Thehorse: thnx for all the help about nmap!

    Both of you guys should make your own Video Professor cd's on linux

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    I met my wife here... what more can I say?

    I once compared AO to a microcosmos, and the longer I'm here, the more I'm convinced I'm right.
    The same types of people you find in the real world, you'll find here: leaders, followers, sweeties, *******s, smarties, smart-asses,... with only one difference: we don't actually know eachother (with some exceptions of course). And it's interesting to see how people communicate from behind that "facade".
    Anyways: I'm proud to be part of this microcosmos, and I hope to be able to keep on contributing my little share to this community.

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    I think everyone has there share to contribute, each in his/her own way. I don't know everything there is to know, but I'm still learning here.

    I like anyone/everyone who is willing to share what they know with someone else. Then, if I can, I try an pass it along. Keeps the cycle going and everything. I don't really have a bunch of friends on the site, but anyone who is patient enough to share knowledge is a *friend* of mine, albeit in cyberspace. Good enough for me.

    I also get to argue politics here, that can be fun too. Not sure if my tolerance for liberals has gone up any, but you never know. It's always good to hear their views on things. Would you believe me if I told you I actually have a few liberal friends... it's true.

    Makes for an exciting college experience! Where was I.....


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