Alright, I'm having a problem with radius and wireless clients, here's the lowdown...

I have an Orinoco/Proxim AP-2000 with Firmware v2.1.2(554) and Bootloader v2.0.10.

Client is a Dell Latitude D800 running Windows 2000 Professional with a TrueMobile 1400 Mini-PCI 802.11a/b card and using the Odyssey RADIUS Client from Funk Software . The RADIUS server is a network appliance from Network Engines , and that's running the Steel Belted Radius Server on Windows 2000 Professional.

The problem is whenever the client tries to request authentication, it causes the Access Points to reboot. I'm just wondering if anyone else has ever had that problem or something similar.

Not much found on google, and Funk Software says they've never heard of that problem happening and to call the AP vendor, so I do that and the retard who I talked with told me that the config files are corrupt. Now I would believe him if it was happening to just one, but it's not, try more like 100+ access points. So I find it hard to believe that every AP's config files are corrupt.

Any insight, or help would be appreciated. I've been banging my head against the wall for a week now. I think my forehead is flat now