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Thread: Radio Transmission

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    Radio Transmission

    IS it possible to transmitt a packet of info over a series of radio towers, using a transmitter and a reciever?

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    As far as I know, that's the general principle behind wireless networks, although the power levels are much lower.

    I think in some cases radio towers are used in place of underground cables. Parabolic dishes are used to direct the transmission from one tower to the other. It's not done much, but yes, it is possible.
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    Yep. With the ever increasing use of wireless devices, there has arrisen a very thriving wireless access industry. Just think about how many wireless devices are in use today. Don't just limit your thoughts to computer wifi. Cell phones, PDA's, Blue tooth, and countless other gadgets has ever increased in amount of use of wireless networks. The rollout of all these type of devices has evolved the 3G standard of wireless communications. With this standard in wireless communications, things even as complicated as Virtual Private Networking over the air waves. This 3G standard is combined with IP switching, allowing these devices a connection to a specialized emerging (invest anyone?) web.

    So in answer to your question... Yes, it is possible.

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    This really depends on what your trying to do, basically there are a variety of radio towers

    To name a few, relay stations and a dedicated transmitter. The relay station recieves the signal from another source and transmits it on to another destination. Dedicated transmitters simply take an input and transmit it.

    If you wanna set up some sort of internet packet system, then Id suggest you look at a thing created by amatuer radio enthustists called packet radio.

    If you just want to transmit further on Wi-Fi then you cant really use other peoples relay stations - because a)its illegal (sometimes) b)the freqs probably arent the same c)the modulation will be diffferent d)protocols probably different

    If you want to increase you Wi-fi range then set up a wifi access point at everybodys house you know.

    give us a clue as to what you wanna use this for



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    it is possible to transmit information from a computer over the radio waves. but you can only broadcast over a few miles. if you want to transmit to the other side of the world i suggest you get a(n) amature radio licence

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    There is a whole sub-genre in computing dealing with packet radio. Check out:


    You can google more. Packet radio networking was developed quite a while back. Amateur Radio operators were the ones who did the most research and development in this field.

    There is still a lot of interest in it.

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    Originally posted here by rapier57
    Packet radio networking was developed quite a while back. Amateur Radio operators were the ones who did the most research and development in this field.
    Your right, packet radio first started out using teletypes and moved into using computers only in the early 80's. The way data moves over the internet is actually a desendant of how Ham packets were moved over a packet radio system.
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