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Thread: can i get the administrator password?

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    Talking can i get the administrator password?

    how to get administrator password for win 2000????
    i\'m desperate to crack this network security and start chatting here at the office!

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    Have you been authorized to have it??

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    Ask the administrator for the Windows 2000 box. You'll probably have to explain to them why you want it as well.
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    The easiest way is to ask the sysadmin, providing you're allowed to know it and have a valid reason.

    Failing that, it gets a bit more complicated, and could take a considerable amount of time and effort. It all depends on factors like file system, applied patches, whether the emergency repair disks have been created and kept up-to-date, whether you can boot from other devices, whether you're in front of the PC in question, or if you're at a client PC and you want the password from a server.

    We need a bit more information before we can answer this question as there's too many unknown factors to give an answer at the moment.

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    Come on Pixelrock you have been here long enough to know, that we aren't going to tell you how to get the Admin Password. wtf

    Come on wtf if you want it that bad go ask the admin for it. I am sure if you ask nicely and have a good reason they will give it to you.

    Though if you have one please let me know what it is, so I can use it.

    nm I just remembered I don't need to ask. Come on... You know we aren't going to tell you, so why are you going to ask.

    Go to
    one of those might be able to help you, but we are not going to tell you here. Come on you have been here long enough to know that.

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    If this is a secondhand machine then the easiest and safest way is to re-install Win2k. My reason is that you never know what bad stuff might be on the machine already? Far better to have a clean start IMHO. You set the admin password as part of this process.

    If it is a shared machine/stand alone at work you have to ask the System Administrators to give you "local administration rights" on the machine(s) that you use.

    If you want network administration rights then you will need to become a network administrator.

    Be careful, you should only use an administrator logon when you absolutely NEED it. Otherwise just use a suitable workgroup logon for what you normally do (you can set these up under admin logon). The first reason is security, and the second is that the more privileges you have the more damage you can do?

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    Also haveing the sig "i'm desperate to crack this network security and start chatting here at the office!" does not really help your case.
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