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Thread: Good port scanner?

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    Good port scanner?

    Can any of you guys reccomend decent port scanners? Im putting together a site but the port scanner DL section is a bit bare besides one or two

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    For *nix, definately go with nmap like br_fusion said.

    For windows I like GFI LANguard : http://www.webattack.com/get/languardscan.html

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    I use both nmap (win version) and superscan.
    Nmap is the best, of the best, of the best SIR! With honor... (speech from Men in Black I)
    If you go to insecure.org you'll see they have a win version of nmap that can be run on ms-dos.
    Insecure.org also has the top 75 security tools of their choise, and you can find other scanning tools there- http://www.insecure.org/tools.html.

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    I like both Languard, and nmap.

    I know some people have problems with it in windows, but if you install the latest version of Winpcap fist then install nmapwin, you should have no problems. I find its a lot better though if you use the command line instead of using the GUI.

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    I agree with br_fusion nmap and superscan are both very good port scanners.
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    Try Angry IP scanner ,it is preety basic,simple and nice.

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    nmap for windows and nix hands down. There are plenty of built in options that nmap have, that no other scanner has.

    nmap --help

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    I would definetly recommend Superscan 3.0. You can download it at http://www.networkingfiles.com at the PingFiner section.
    For *nix, NMAP would be the one. hell, they even used it on the matrix.
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    I want to try nMap because I want to be cool like Trinity in Matrix Reloaded. Is it legal to scan a network? How about scanning my own IP address?

    I wouldn't dare do anything illegal.

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