Hi All,

hope all of u r good . . im BayWafa and im from pakistan. 25y old doing software engineering.
working with a software company on different projects. most of them related to web.

Im basically a veyr curious person and im always running after knowledge about computers. thats why i keep jumping from one website to another about computer security. wherever i find any link related to internet security, i jump to that website. now i wont say that i have lot of knowledge about computers hacking cracking and all those things but i know a lil about them. practically im zero . i came to know that its a very good website for latest security updates and latest information about wats happening in the computer world, os i joined it. Now lets see how much of you guys are ready to share your knowledge, coz i have noticed that 90% of people with knowledge dont want to share it with people, i really hate thins thing. i mean if you post a question in most of the forum, the people who can answer it will not answer but other people will keep on answering or refering it. Now i dont know about this forum, lets see how interactive this forum is.

By the way, i just saw that lots of people introduced thierselves here, and so many people viewed their posts but unfortunately all of them with 0 replies. SO Sad! atleast old members shuld say a welcome . wat do u think?