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Thread: Unknown open ports

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    Unknown open ports

    I've been doing a security audit on my Linux box, and I have three ports open that I would not like to have open, and I cannot identify.

    111/TCP SUNRPC
    139/TCP NETBIOS-SSN (I don't have Netbios service running.)
    6000/TCP X11

    My firewall doesn't seem to want to interfere with these, so I'm trying to find the services.

    Any ideas, guys?

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    111 is being started by your portmap service. You can kill that and you'll see the port close.
    139 -- Check to see if you have Samba running as it would normally open this port on a Linux box.

    6000 - This port is opened when you start XWindows. Close Xwindows and you'll see it disappear.
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    Check out this thread just a few spots down on the main page:
    I agree with HTRegz. Although you probably want to use Xwindows, and I don't think there is any harm in leaving that one opened. The others you should close. I use redhat, and if I go in the redhat menu under System Settings>Server Settings>Services, that is where I am able to disable services. Just make sure you know what you are disabling. You should see samba listed there, you can stop that. I don't know what the sun rpc is called on the list, you should PM Lansing_Banda since he just went through this process.

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    Thanks. That all works and has checked out. :-)
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