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Thread: Trouble with Mandrake

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    Trouble with Mandrake

    I've had a problem installing mandrake. Any suggestions?


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    Might want to be a little more specific than just "problem installing mandrake". What exactly is the problem? Which version of Mandrake? Hardware configuration, etc.
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    Before I speculate to much. Do you have your bios set to boot from cd rom?

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    Try these, if they don't work, then give us more info:

    1 - You burned your own images and instead of burning images you burned data cds.
    - Solution -
    Buy the cds or learn how to burn images.
    2 - You are using an older system and the bios can't boot from the cd-rom
    - Solution -
    Go back to the ftp site where you got your images and download the boot floppies and mount them using winrawwrite
    3 - You didn't set your bios to boot from cd-rom.
    - Solution -
    If you are using a new system sometimes you can press F-12 to go to a boot menu and choose where to boot from there. Otherwise F-1 and look for a field titled "boot order." press page up until you get to cd-rom.
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