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    ?About Samba

    I have network of 3 pc and all i want to do is share files and the internet over the pc's.

    The Pc that i want to share from, i have a dual boot win2000, rh9 installed, on the wind2000 particion the sharing works fine with the the other pc's.

    I need to set up samba on my rh9 but i just find it difficult to do.

    Do anyone have easier ways to setup samba.........so i can sharing through my network

    I ha

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    Here is how to make it easier. I assume you have it installed. Just pop in the first RH9 cdrom and do the add packages thingy. On the package thingy scroll down to servers and check server configuration tools. Then click on details and make sure that redhat-config-samba is checked. finish that up and let it install. Then go to the redhat menu>System Settings>server settings and the samba config thing should show up there. You should be able to set it up pretty easily with that. If you need more help I will be reinstalling redhat in the next few days and doing this over again. So it will refresh my memory and I should be able to help you with specifics. Just PM me if you need any more help. Good luck.

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