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Thread: Router Trouble

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    Router Trouble

    Hello, I had gotten a LInksys 4 port router and used it for a long time...I reset the password from the factory defaults only once, and i am pretty damn sure what the password is..Then I didn't use it for awhile, like 3 months till i got another machine..Then today I go to log into the router through my browser and the password doesn't work...I tried the default password of 'admin' but no cigar...I've tried googling some stuff, but nothing useful on my part..Is there a way to get it back to factory settings ? And yes this is my device, and it is for my home LAN...Any help would be greatly appreciated..
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    Hold the reset button in for 5 seconds.... The password is admin - no user name needed....

    .... In future quit changing security settings when you are drunk...... Been there.....
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    You can reset the router if you have physical access by using a paper clip...there is a small reset switch...hold that in for 15 secs and voila...the linksys should be set to the default settings.....including Admin password.


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