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Thread: Problem with Norton AntiVirus Pro

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    Problem with Norton AntiVirus Pro 2004

    I encountered the following problem after installing Norton AntiVirus Pro 2004:

    After I installed, it prompt me to reboot my system, so I did so. But after I reboot my system, instead of displaying my desktop, my system suddenly shutdown. I ON my system and retry, but it shutdown again. Then I boot in safe mode and uninstalled the program and the problem was gone.

    Anyone know how to solve it? Btw, I am using Win ME.

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    Norton Antivirus Pro... what version/release? Was it pirated, or not registered, or shelf-bought?

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    I think that you should check these websites out ... click on the first link

    "What to do before installing Norton AntiVirus or Norton AntiVirus Professional"

    [Activation problem on Norton AntiVirus 2004]

    Hope that this helps you in some way if not maybe some of the other members who have more experience then I, will be able to provide you with better info.
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    If those links for some reason don't help (they are quite good--WTG Steal), consider this:

    Check to make sure that your computer is not already infected with something, you can do this by running NAV from the CD before installing it. If a virus is on your computer, it can shut it down right away...I saw that happen once. It was not fun to deal with.

    The other thing is, try checking the installation options when you re-install it. Make sure its not set to start up on boot. Then, if it successfully boots, launch it normally from Windows and start doing some testing.
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    If this version of Norton Antivirus has a firewall built in, then disable it. That is if you allready have one, because if you have 2 Firewalls running at once it will couse you're computer to crash. Also this might be the same if you have 2 virus scanners running at once but, i'm not sure about that.

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    I have the latest Norton pro ver and have used the previous, and never gave me a prob....
    SonOfGalen's advice is what i recommend you to do (if you have the CD, if you dont, just go to a friends house and burn an AV to a CD or dl one from the net and put it on a floopy/zip/whatever drive).
    Try installing some other AV and if it gives you the same problem be afraid...very afraid...
    Go to http://housecall.antivirus.com/ and do an online scan to see if you find any virii.

    PS- fact that it is cracked, share and so on should have nothing to do with, i use a cracked version and it gives me no prob.

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