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Slackware Linux has reputation for being hard to install. I disagree with this. I have installed Slackware about 20 times now, and I have yet to use a book or manual.
If you have an older version of Slackware, check out Er0k's tutorial here:

Great tutorial and I agree with you on it simplicity. Back when I first tried to use linux slackware was the only one i could get installed and running X properly . But I do have one question that may not be "slack-specific" but oh well, I install the Nvidia drivers for my MX440 and everything install and works fine but when I switch to a virtual terminal while in X all i get is a blank screen and i cant type commands? Also if i log out of fluxbox or hit CTRL ALT BKSPC it goes to the console but all i get it big green blocks all over the screen?!?! I can still type commands but i am typing blindly and it is annoying as ****. I have looked all over the place and seen pple with the same problem but no solution so if anyone has any info on how to fix it I will make a shrine of them in my backyard.