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    Edit Post button on Error Messages

    Hey Hey,

    I made a post and seem to have had too many smilies in it, so I get an error and have to go back and reedit my post. The problem is that when you hit the back button, the Message textbox is empty. This means I have to retype my entire post. I could do it, but it's an inconvenience. Would it be possible to add a link to that error message that would bring you back to the post thread/reply screen and have the text box already filled in so that you could just edit it? Anyways just a 3am 12cup of coffee induced idea....

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    I've mentioned this before sometimes, it becomes a problem on slow dial-up connections when you get a time out before the database has been updated properly. It can also happen if you take a while to compose your post and so your session times out, forcing you to login before you can continue and then losing your post.

    I suppose in cases of error messages like the one you're describing, the entry could be saved in the database and then brought back for editing, with a script run every hour or so to cleanse older entries from the database so they didn't pile up,
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    Nice idea, I've lost some pretty big posts over that one.

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