Well I was doing some more searching and reading throughout the internet. I thought that some of you guys might find these How-To's interesting to read.

"Issue v3.14 19 November 2003 of the Linux-Mobile-Guide - A Guide for Laptops, PDAs and Other Mobile Computers, is available now."
Here's the link:

All of these how-to's contained a lot of good useful information that some people might find interesting even maybe helpful to them. As you can tell by the date they are also not that very old. Well I hope that you guys find this guides just as useful as I did.

Also on this same page you will find other useful guides that you can download as well.

This is another interesting one found on the same website.

deals with Linux and infrared devices. This are usually IrDA(TM) capable devices, but also LIRC (Linux Infrared Remote Control) is covered.
Sorry about forgetting to post the link to the site the first time. When I noticed it and decided to edit my mistake well Windows decided to crash.. had to many windows open at once oops my apologies ...