Tools for tracking spoofed IP addresses
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Thread: Tools for tracking spoofed IP addresses

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    Tools for tracking spoofed IP addresses

    Is anyone familar with a freeware tool(s) that will assist in the tracking of spoofed IP addresses? Any help or advice would be appreciated.
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    Mileage my vary but if you can 'telnet' into your router you can dump the routing table and connections. The web interface is pretty much setup for noobies. My phone company gets pissed when you use non-standard equipment. I wonder why

    Login successful

    802.1x 802.1x port based authentication
    ald Configuration commands for ald
    bridge Configure layer 2 bridge.
    classifier Packet classifier configuration commands
    console Console access
    dhcpclient DHCP client configuration commands
    dhcpserver DHCP server configuration commands
    dnsclient DNS client configuration commands
    dnsrelay DNS relay configuration
    emux Ethernet Switch Multiplex configuration commands
    ethernet Commands to configure ethernet transports
    firewall Firewall configuration commands
    help Top level CLI help
    imdebug Directly access the information model
    ip Configure IP router
    ipoa IP over ATM configuration
    logger Log to a remote host using syslog
    meter Packet metering configuration command
    nat NAT configuration commands
    pppoa PPP over ATM configuration
    radclient RADIUS Client Configuration commands
    rfc1483 Commands to configure RFC1483 transports
    scheduler Configuration commands for scheduler
    security Security configuration commands not specific to NAT or firewall
    sntpclient Simple Network Time Protocol Client commands
    source Read a file of commands
    system System administration commands
    tftpc TFTP client commands
    transports Transport configuration commands
    upnp UPnP configuration commands
    user User commands
    webserver Webserver configuration commands
    zipb Configure Dynamic ZIPB mode
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    Uhhh this thing is 6 years old...Two of the posters in this thread total are still active from the original posts.
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    n with that said shall be just call it *Thread Closed*
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