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Thread: stoping users load certain programs

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    stoping users load certain programs

    Im running windows 2000 pro and i want to be able to block certain programs from use by certain users. Plus if i did this to my firewall (zonealarm) would it stop them configuiring it or would it stop it loading completely?

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    If you don't want other users to mess with the config of ZA, you can always password it -Pro Version only, i think the normal ZA doesn't have this feature.
    As for program permissions, you can always edit the user accounts premissions and right-click the program ou want them NOT to run and set Security>Permissions.

    Try to do this with ZA, right click it, allow everyone to run it, but only the admin to write/modify. This should (?) prevent them from tweaking with the conf. Try this with your own user limited account to see if it works.

    Give this admin tools a look:
    http://www.webattack.com/get/srvadmin.html - freeware
    http://www.webattack.com/get/aadmin.html - shareware

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    ahh thanks that seems to work ok

    Thanks to Info Tech Geek aswell

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    Right click on the programs folder and assign permissions. For software such as AntiVirus & Firewalls, you want to assign Read & Execute and nothing more. If you would like a how to guide, I would be more than willing to provide one.

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