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    Nutha rehash. . . http://www.jetpress.org/volume1/moravec.htm . . . we do need "some kind of mechanical or electronic apparatus". Progress is being made, albeit a little bit slower than some of us would like, but still progress.

    " A newly conciever fetus or zygote... now that's different but there is something in there that programs the initial pathways and starts the basic life functions going." Yeah it's called sensory input. I do agree with you on one thing though. We do need an OS that could allow radom associations an relational progress.
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    The infant could have biofeedback sensory input through the devices locked like biting snakes in his eyes. ears, and mouth. But could it use this to teach itself how to think? What if we gave it a Super mario brothers game to play like that when it's the only external input entering the loop?

    Also, progressions beyond silicon and transistors will soon hit thier plateau even with "moore's law"

    This has been anticipated by those who are now developing the next step, which is genetically engineered, organic computers. They are not built, they are grown.

    Give the baby the means to program himself and he will become more complex than could ever
    be written in code.

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    Originally posted here by bludgeon
    Ballad brought up the point that the brain is not a binary machine. I would disagree. . .a neuron is either firing or not. . .active or not. . .1 or 0. I'll leave it at that.
    I wasn't argueing that it wasn't a binary machine, computers are universal machines, a binary computer can emulate a trinary computer can emulate a hex computer, (hell a hydorlic analog computer can mulate a binary transister based one). The human brain is not a universal machine.We can do things tath are not based on logical rules, we can make intuitive jumps and illogical choices as the stand by there very nature universal machines cannot do this. Perhaps evelutionary programming can over come this but I doubt it...
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    By the way, when this is all done. I would like to order a Blonde, and I mean natural. My specification are:

    90 - 100 lbs gross body weight
    34 Chest
    slim waist
    shiny long legs

    damn got to stop....

    Preprogramming or prewires:

    High Intellect for stimulating conversation
    Taste for broad spectrum of music (eclectic)
    Knowlege of wine
    good spirit
    laughes at my subtle humor
    not afraid to explore human sexuallity, our greatest gift
    loves cuddly things (always dig that trait)
    Likes to dance (goth, techno, industrial, country)
    accepts diversity in living things
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