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    Run tcpdump while you're scanning. You'll quickly see the difference.
    Or, you could use the -packet_trace switch in NMAP
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    Phish: I'm hoping that the trojan came in something other than the pornographic email _or_ to someone other than my Bosses husband....... 'Cos I really don't want to be the one to tell her that her hubby was peeking at smut...... (Trust me, you have to know them.... )

    It's one of those situations where I probably go with the old "baffle them with science" approach rather than point a big finger at the old man and yell "Pervert".....


    Hoss: Had you been a bit quicker with lesson 5 I might have known about the damn switch..... As it was, your inability to post in a timely fashion made me ask a dumb question...... No worries, not the first time I've done that......

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    Originally posted here by thehorse13
    Or, you could use the -packet_trace switch in NMAP
    Ah. I think I need to read that number 5 tut I never knew that switch existed.
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    Does your boss know how to configure the linksys? Its more less idiot-proof but you never know.

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    You mistyped something:
    -T XXX
    Which is fine, just hard to tell what your timing options were. Depending on how you were connecting to the system in question, if you chose to aggressive of timing over a slow/high latency link, you can get alot of bad results back (like ports showing up as filtered or with ports that are open not showing up).

    Also this was from man:
    The state is either "open", "fil-
    tered", or "unfiltered". Open means that the target machine
    will accept() connections on that port. Filtered means that
    a firewall, filter, or other network obstacle is covering
    the port and preventing nmap from determining whether the
    port is open. Unfiltered means that the port is known by
    nmap to be closed and no firewall/filter seems to be
    interfering with nmap's attempts to determine this. Unfil-
    tered ports are the common case and are only shown when most
    of the scanned ports are in the filtered state.
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