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    Talking funny shiit

    this probably isnt really a joke but its still hilarious without even thinking about it...

    ok heres the story...im in a computer repair/networking class through school, its off-campus and only 2 days a week but its still a great class, well today i took and passed the A+ core hardware test (i know its simple but you have to start somewhere) and as a prize or whatever the teacher gave this other guy a new motherboard, so i asked if i could get something. i saw a compaq server sitting on the floor that had been donated recently so just assuming he'd say no i asked if i could have it and to my amazement he said its yours, i was thrilled...until i got it home...this server is...a compaq proliant 1400 with 4, 2gb scsi-2 drives, a 486/66 processor, an isa scsi adapter card that's about 2 ft long as well as a similarly sized network card (also isa) and then some unknown eisa cards that are not as long but about 8 inches wide. the 320 watt power supply is about the size of 3 of my 450 watt ps' put together and the fans(3, 120mm) are loud as hell.

    like i said its not really a joke but everyone ive told so far got a good laugh out of it so i figured id post it here and give some other people a good laugh.
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    Nice score! I'm sure you can dream up a good project for that.

    heh, we have old hardware like that just sitting around in the basement at work.

    I was told I could have pracically anything down there... but I can't seem to fit it all in my closet. I've got a bunch of "old" hardware... I'm still dreaming up ideas for it...

    I just tossed a 100 port hub. What the hell am I gonna do with that thing? Hold up a table?

    I have gotten some fairly decent hardware though... 8 and 16 port switches, numberous boxes to run linux on that the newer windows OS's would laugh at, more network/phone cable than I know what to do with. A 12 port hub that is kind of useless... but cool when messing around with sniffers. (not that ettercap couldn't handle my switches...) and boxes and boxes of misc stuff that is "free to a good home". I even get wireless devices (keyboards/mice) and routers. (danube, almost unheard of... but cool to toy around with) I like finding boxes like that near my desk.

    Get in good with a small shop. You get first pick of all their "old" hardware.

    OR: Go dumpster diving... you can find all this kind of crap if you know where to look.
    This friday is "black friday" in the US. That means that the next couple of weeks should yield a gold mine...
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