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    content advisor

    Hello, I booted my computer today, started IE, but it prompts me for a password for every web site because somehow the damn content advisor in tools->internet options got enabled, to disable it I need a password, is there a default pass, because i did NOT enable this myself. Is there another work around in the registry or something?
    I can still use the Internet with mozilla firebird, but I wanna fix this cause I hate this unknown problems. BTW I'm running win xp pro and haven't done or downloaded any strange progs, I have a fully updated AV, and I am pretty sure I am free of spyware, (ran Adaware & spybot SD)



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    This is all you should need.


    Just delete the "password".
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    Only time I had this problem was on a friend's computer running ME. . .this worked though. . .

    Removing the password
    1 Go to start, run, type "regedit" and press "OK".
    2 Expand the folders down the left, in this order.
    3 On the right you will see the word "Key" - Click it once, then press "del" or right click, and select delete.
    4 Close the registry editor.
    5 Go to start, run, type "explorer" and press "OK".
    6 Navigate to C:\Windows\System and delete "ratings.pol"
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    Thanks, problem solved


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