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    law LAW LAW

    hey all,
    just wanted to know whether its illegal or not.
    suppose i download a game from my friends computer over the net.a full version game which he has bought it with license.now if i copy it over the net into my computer is it crime(as per the security laws of net world).
    if thats against law is it also again the law if i share my music or my games cd with my neighbour.i don't want the detailed laws report just want to know whether it is right or wrong.
    if all this is wrong then why don't they catch those people who play there music system aloud etc..
    thanks all

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    1) Yes, it is fully wrong to do that, as stated by the acceptable use agreement stating that you can only use one copy of it.. blah blah blah...

    2) Dont understand the question, how can you tell if someones music that they're playing is dled or real? Dont really understand that question to good.
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    It depends on the license of the game. Some may allow you to distribute it as long as you don't charge and include their license with the distribution. But in most cases, it is probably illegal to have a copy of a game that you got from someone else. Sharing your music or games isn't really illegal unless you actually copy it and give them a copy. Even then it still depends on the music and the license and everything. But if you just let someone borrow something from you, that is not illegal. Still, I don't see any harm in making a few copies of something for "backup" purposes . Hope that answers your question.

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    h3r3tic is right. It depends on the license of the software in question. Hell some of the games you are talking about may be open-source, but I doubt that is it.
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    Still, I don't see any harm in making a few copies of something for "backup" purposes
    And I don't see anything wrong with using those "no cd patches" for your backed up games.

    I find it rather annoying to have to cary all my disks around with me when I want to play at home, then on a laptop, and then at work. Not to mention finding the right cd in the drawer of thousads of loose cds...
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    You can have his game as long as he uninstalled it from his computer. You also can make back-ups but for you only.

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