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    This is a combination of a Bug report and a site suggestion. First off I would like to say that I fully support the idea of the freedom to express ourselves, am not a supporter of Censorship in most forms. Yet to pull up a thread on AO! And see an Avatar of a Swastika, is just beyond my limit of patience.

    I would like to go on the record as human being, first and foremost and seconly as a person who is Jewish, to say the least the Avatar so insensitivly displayed by Wolverine, causes me distress.

    This is post is intended for Galdron to be "On Record", as having an extreme amount of ANGER TOWARDS ANOTHER "MEMBER" REGARDING OVERTLY FACIST SYMBOLS.

    I love AO! I would just hate to see it become a place where people forward their HATE views.

    P: To all of you.


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    I am looking forward to comments.

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    Galdron, A couple of thoughts..

    a) have you emailed him to politely ask that he remove/change it?

    b) have you considered that perhaps his intent is not the same as the Nazis but rather the original Hindu meaning?

    c) there is the "Ignore User" option so you don't see any of his posts or his avatar. If it's that offensive that may be an immediate option for you to use.
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    Thank you for your thoughts Miss Mittens, they are indeed valid, I guess I am just a bit sesitive regarding that symbol. You are correct in stating that it could be used as a hindu sign. I guess I just jumped to a conclusion regarding it's use here.

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    Yeah, but on any other day you would have been right Galdron. Who knows, you still might have been despite his post explaining it...

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