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Thread: Gateway Forges Partnership With SuSE

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    Gateway Forges Partnership With SuSE

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    Thats pretty cool. So, they didn't forge a partnership with SuSE... but with novell instead.

    Novell, trying to get more ground in the server market.

    Now, if they can get any major player to start offering linux on their personal desktops and laptops.... I hate the fact that you can't get linux on your personal computers and that you have to pay for a m$ OS unless you build your own or go with a small shop.
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    confused, this says Novell aquired SuSE. But if you read it, it says that they are just partners....?

    Does this mean that SuSE was not bought out and taken over by Novell storm troopers?

    just wondering if SuSe is staying around and just going to be a partner with novell or if they are being bought completly. hopefully just a partnet, gore hasnt been exactly calm about this hole deal with SuSE being bought, and since his Birthday is on Sunday, it would be nice to tell him SuSE isnt being taken.
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