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Thread: C compiler

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    C compiler

    i was trying out some program and it got compiled without any error, but when i was running the program there was an error " CAN'T CREAT C:\TC\BIN\TCDEF.DPR ", then i press enter and the programs run fine, but i do not understand what is this TCDEF.DPR file and what does it do.

    I am facing a new problem now,
    the C compilwer is compiling the prgran properly, but while running it give a linker error: Unable to open file TCDEF.EXE.
    do u think i need to get a new compiler.
    this gave me problem before also, i reinstalled TC and after running a couple of programs it is giving trpuble again.

    Hope to hear from u soon.

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    Uninstall it once and then re-install it again. Make sure that the files are there...especially the actual compiler files. What compiler are you using? GCC, MingW (Yes, both are C++, but both can handle C)? Are you using an IDE with it?
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    Copy all the files properly if installation is faulty.Also check 'directories' in 'options' as to all paths given by default are valid.

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