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Thread: Disable port 25 TCP smtp

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    Disable port 25 TCP smtp

    25 TCP smtp
    Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

    How do I get rid of this service? Its the only thing showing up in a Nmap localhost scan

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    what os and are you runing a mail server or something if not instal firewall and just set a rule for that port simple

    trying to help sorry if am wrong
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    What distro are you running. In Mandrake just go to Mandrake Control Center ( or mcc in a terminal as root ) and disable it in the service menu. If I remeber correctly you were using mandrake and libranet.

    Otherwise you can type "/etc/rc.d/init.d/sendmail stop" and that should stop it manually each time.

    Otherwise again go to /etc/xinetd.conf or /etc/inetd.conf and comment out the process there. The service should be sendmail.
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    If you're running FreeBSD add sendmail_enable="NO" to your rc.conf. This will leave sendmail running so periodic can send emails to root but sendmail will not accept email from the outside anymore. If you really don't want to run sendmail you can use sendmail_enable="NONE".
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    I have the same thing on my RH9 box. When I scan localhost I see sendmail, but when I scan the actual IP it is not there. I have tried to connect to it from another PC and you can't. But it is still probably a good idea to disable it. Just go with the stuff everyone else said for that. I just wanted to say that it is probably not excessible from a remote PC, unless they are actually connected to your PC, such as through telnet. Did you try a scan on the actual IP also?

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    Guys Im sorry I didnt reveal my OS version. Im using Libranet 2.7

    By Landsing Banda
    If I remeber correctly you were using mandrake and libranet.
    Good memory I am using libranet and SuSE

    thnx guys

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