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Thread: Acceptable tutorial policy

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    Question Acceptable tutorial policy

    I have a question about what is considered an acceptable tutorial? I'm not whining or bitching, I'm just trying to seek input from senior members...

    Case in point, http://www.antionline.com/showthread...hreadid=251411 (sorry wolverine, not picking on you, per se)

    Not trying to reopen old wounds, but the tutorial gore did on operating systems got slammed. Now it's not up to me to judge why that happened, but I found his to be informative...I learned something from it.

    I guess my judgement of a good tutorial is if something is really learned? I don't know, that's why I am asking. And again, I'm not trying to start any wars with anybody....

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    I don't know if that is a tutorial or not. It seems to just be a definition paper on software engineering. It seems to me that lately, tutorials with stuff about security have been getting high praise, and stuff such as programming, have not been noticed as much. Given that this is a security site, that isn't that strange. I thought a tutorial was something that told you how to do something. The post in question was just telling you what software engineering is. Maybe I need to look up the definition of tutorial.

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    I've moved the thread in question to GCC. When I first saw it, I debated as to whether it was a tutorial. Tutorials generally are to teach and educate others (which by definition it does educate). But the quandary I had was to how much of an opinion piece it was versus a simple educational fact.

    If you think a tutorial is perhaps in the wrong location, then mention it to a moderator.

    As for Gore's I was quite disappointed that his ended up the way it did. Granted not all the facts may have been accurate or lacked details it had merit somewhere.
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