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Thread: Spyware

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    Wink Spyware

    a major type of spyware happens to be Kazza music downloading, this does not always mean anything bad but many bugs can be produced. this music downloading is one of the best but has many bugs and can include some viruses.

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    Yeah, I never trust downloading from kazaa anymore. Just about have to run a virus scanner in mid-flight. You should download kazaa lite, it contains no spyware/adaware that I am aware of.


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    True there is alot of trash on kazaa. So i suggest never run it on root and never open anything out of the share folder berfore scanning it with some security tools.

    (suggestion)Diet Kaza removes spyware, blocks pop-ups, and gives users dozens of new features to configure the file-sharing client Kazaa Media Desktop. Speed up your downloads with a built-in advanced download accelerator and notification system. You can browse your friends' files with an IP-based buddy list tool. Diet Kaza also has built-in supernode controls and participation level tools (cheater, backup/restore). It is also now possible to securely trade virus-free files using the new Sig2Dat integration and hash generation. Diet K 2.52 automatically removes the new Gator adware bundled with Kazaa Media Desktop 2.52, along with Cydoor, Altnet, P2P Networking, MyBar Search Toolbar, and all other annoying adware bundles.

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    They have an app called "BDE Remove 1.04" which is supposed to get rid of spyware from Kazaa.

    Whilst you are there, have a look at Scrip Trap 1.03, you might find it a useful additional defence mechanism.


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    IMHO,kazzaa is just an invitation for the worst,specially if you download soft.
    Many groups and lamers use this to share their new trojan or whatever and im really getting sick when people goes to the store with boot or internet problems and ask me to see the problem.70% kazzaa is the problem.
    Well many times i found out that most of people donīt know what the **** their doing when they grant internet access even to a logically stupid exec. like trojanserver.exe and other ezly recognizable code.Many of you know this and you take the proper cautions while downloading anything,but for the newbies ill just say:
    Dont use it or verify the files you downloaded first.Sometimes all that takes is to check out the type of file to see that is not good idea to run.Dont forget either that ppl upload files from your computer and that are ways to explore this,altough they are not well known and probably rarely used since it takes a little bit of time.
    Other interesting detail is to see that most ezly hackable boxs out there are running kazzaa.
    I wonder why...
    Kazza and spyware for me are the same.
    If you want to detect/remove spyware/adware try PestPatrol.
    If you want you can run this and then check its work in the registry and system for known or suspicious ware.This way youll find out it works great.

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    I have never heard of diet Kazaa but I use Kazaa Lite K++ edition. You can get it here:
    This version has no spyware or ad banners so the downloads are much faster and safer. This version also has all the extra's that !mitationrust mentioned. I have also used the program (or something similer) that nihil was talking about and it works but it is much esier to just download a version of Kazaa without spyware in the first place.

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    The safest way, of course, is to stick with legal services such as itunes. I used to use Kazaa for music, but have recently moved to ITunes and I am loving it. No more back-burner worries about what might be happening .

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    if you happen to have copius amounts of spyware on your computer, lavasofts Ad-aware 6.0 and spybot search and destroy can help rid you of them. www.download.com has personal shareware versions of both, feel free to try them out, they are both great programs.
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    I belive that music can't have any spyware of contain any malicious code that can harm your PC. Maybe some experts or any other guys that have further knowlegde on it can answer us.

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    Donīt use Kazaa, it is full of ****. But its a freeware so what can we expect of people who want to earn some money on program...

    My tip is to use Kazaa Lite, it have junk but not as much lite ordinary Kazaa.

    If u use adaware or spybot you will be okey.

    Music can harm our computers, you know old bad rock its harms
    Midi files can involve some virus codes (macro-virus i think)
    The other formats of music im not sure about.


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