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Thread: sustaining table height

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    sustaining table height

    So, I've created, well, am creating a webpage at http://www.ledbythehart.com and I created it in photoshop, cut it up in fireworks and re-arranged html in dreamweaver...

    So, my problem is that whenever I type anything that's too long on the right side, the html cell, it lengthens the left side and the individual pictures that have been cut up, move along with it and so it creates these hideous spaces in between, where I've sliced them.

    So, how do I "manipulate" this table to ensure that whenever I type anything into the right side, the left side will remain mobile, without using frames.

    I appreciate anyone or ALL who can help me.
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    I haven't got much time to look at this at this precise moment... but I just had a look at your HTML.. your really shouldn't be using tables to position images... results frequently turn out horrible.

    I know I always say this to people but look into using CSS (document level is probably best for this) for positioning the images. If you're not sure about how to go about using CSS... post back here and I'll do you a sample bit of HTML that might help - or PM me

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    hmmm, maybe you'll find this useful, it's an EASY tutorial for CSS ...

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    for whatv you are looking for i think other peps are right one this one CSS is prolly the way to go - i'm still pretty old school myself and still use tables way too much but you can make it alot easier for yourself through CSS

    you can however specify table height as well as width but that is not seen as being HTML compliant


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