Hi everyone
I'm Nancy, living in Belgium and working part-time as a nurse in an elderly home. In my spare time i design & maintain websites ; my biggest and most demanding client so far is a band from germany called Metalium and they appriciate my work for them SOOOO much they used MY pic!(no kiddin') for the design of the cover for their new album...eventhough i told them NOT to
I'm also married and we have two kids, so the rest of my spare time goes out to them

I came across this site in my search for how to prevent being hacked, and it seemed like this was a good community to find the answers i was looking for so i registered and checked it out, and i'm glad to say i WASN'T WRONG !

So, i guess that's enough for an "introduction" , and i hereby wanna thank all those who helped looking for answers !THANK YOU !!!