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Thread: A Christmas Question (present)

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    Post A Christmas Question (present)

    Greetings and Happy Holidays.

    I would Like Everyones Opinion as to which Laptop Configuration (all Makes and models) is The Best.. This is a MINO Question (Money Is No Option) and all opinions and comments are welcome.

    Merry Hollidays

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    I really like the IBM thinkpad T41. I would get that with all the options possible if money is no option. For gaming go Alienware. But I want an IBM thinkpad T41. Doesn't look like I will get that. My dad said he saw a laptop for 799 with 200 dollar rebate which makes it 599. I have a feeling I'm going to end up with the cheapest money can buy. And I will probably have a heck of a time getting linux to support the hardware.

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    Since this is "MINO" then get a Alienware laptop. But I would also suggest that you get a extra battery, cause with the amount of power those things deliver, your gonna need it. lol

    Your best bet to get *nix to work on your system is to use the very latest version. I had a laptop, and when I tried to install RH 7.3 on it, it didn't work, but when I put Suse 8.2(new at the time) it worked and installed great.

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