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Thread: linksys wireless network

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    linksys wireless network

    Hi, here is the scene: Currently I have a linksys wireless router BEFW11s4, sharing a dsl connection. I want to expand my wireless network, so I have been looking around for antennas, or something that might help me I want to extend it with no wires at all. Turns out the linksys wireless B access point WAP11 might be the solution, because it can be configured as a repeater or as a multi-point bridge. I say it might be because when I looked around their website it said that repeater or bridge mode can only connect with another linksys access point, it didn't say about connecting to a router/access point. The BEFW11s4 is a router/access point, anyone knows if the WAP11 in repeater mode will work with the BEFW11s4??? They both comply with 2.4 Ghz and 802.11b, theory says they should work, anyone has this same setup? What are your opinions about this? I have emailed linksys tech support but haven't got a reply. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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    I don't have that kind of a set up, but it should work for you. If not just take the product back

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