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Thread: Video Card problem???

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    Video Card problem???

    Im not really sure if I should post this here but i suspect the problem is a hardware element.
    I was just talking with a buddy I gave a copy of RH 9 and he said that for some reason after everything is installed and he runs it for the first time his monitor shuts down and wont stay on any way. We tried installing red hat 8 and everything went great. This happens with every monitor and we think there might be a problem with the video card. Anyways if anyone out ther has any ideas as to why this is happening, I would appreciate the help. Thanx ins advance
    PD: my friends video card is a nvidia gforceFX 5200
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    so youre saying that the card works fine in RH8, but not in RH9?
    RH8 and RH9 would most likely use different version of the X graphics engine the linux uses...
    it could possibly be an issue with your friends video card and redhat 9, have you tried the official nVIDIA drivers for linux for the FX series of cards?

    you may want to check out nVIDIA's linux area for linux drivers:

    or even have a look on the redhat site and see if there is an issue with the card or a bugfix, if the card works with redhat 8, the card is not at fault, its got to be the software

    it could also be that the resolution that the card is set to by default is different in RH9 as opposed to RH8, maybe your monitor can't handle the resolution or refresh rate...

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    You probably need to delete your duplicate post that is on the main page.

    I replied to that one.

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