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    Im running Windows XP and was wondering whether its possible to run Linux based programs on windows ? if so how do i go about it .


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    Yes, it is possible.

    CGWYN or something like that allows you to have a sort of Linux bash shell on your desktop. Other than that, there should be a few more options. But why not just download a distro and try it out?

    If your worried about having to install, just go to http://www.linuxiso.org and look at the SuSE live eval CD. It runs off the CD and you don't need to install anything. Just stick the CD in your CD drive and reboot.

    Or, KNOPPIX is also on there. Alot of people love it. Try those out.

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    Can u be more specific as to what is is in ur mind.It depends on what u wish to run.Also tel me why u need to run a *nix application in win,
    but yes it is possible

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