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Thread: Klez piggy-backed in winkey?

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    Exclamation Klez piggy-backed in winkey?

    I've been using winkey -http://www.copernic.com/winkey/ for quite a whyle now. It's a simple keyboard combination shortcut creator.

    The problem is when i run tauscan,the cleaner, ad-aware and Norton 2004 AV (all updated), it gives me nothing, no spyware/worm/etc... but spybot S&D gives me a a Klez warning on both winkeys registry key and on the .exe file itself.

    I searched for any false positives related to this proggie but i only found that spybot gives a false positive on Klez if you're runnig WeBlocker, nothign related to Winkey.

    I figure out that i got nothing to worry about because the AV would have gone crazy if i had been infected with Klez, but this does concern me. Anyone familiar with the issue?

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    What I would do is look at the actual payload characteristics and compare them to what Spybot is hitting on. If they are different, then you know that Spybot is generating false positives.

    This is typically how I weed out false positives and then submit the issue to the developer (or I simply fix the source code myself).

    Hope this helps.

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