Need Help With Christmas Present
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Thread: Need Help With Christmas Present

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    Need Help With Christmas Present

    Alright you search engine jockeys, i need your help once again. I am in search of a huge old english sheepdog stuffed animal, 48" at least, if not larger , but i cant find one bigger than 36"

    If any of you all have spare time, it would be hardcore appreciated, and i would be in your debt if you could find this.

    *price doesnt matter just find me one please*

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    I tried for like fifteen minutes man and can't find anything... anyone else tried or had any luck? :-/

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    I found a 35" one and a model toy that weighed 20 lbs. That is the biggest I could get
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    Best I could do was a 38" model at . HAPPY TURKEY DAY!!!
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    thank you all very much, i believe i am going to go with that 35" one simply because of its shape and look.

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