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Thread: Microsoft to take Lindows to court

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    Microsoft to take Lindows to court

    Microsoft to take Lindows to court in Netherlands?

    Reseller asked to stop selling WIndows

    By INQUIRER staff: Friday 28 November 2003, 10:03

    MICHAEL ROBERTSON at lindows.com has published an email from a Dutch reseller which appears to indicate that Microsoft is preparing a court action against the alternative OS here in Europe.
    According to the correspondence, reseller DV Computer Systems, which sells PCs with Lindows, had a phone call from Microsoft. He said in the email that Microsoft is preparing a trial in The Netherlands, and wants him to stop reselling Lindows.

    Robertson replied that even though it is the Thanksgiving Holiday in the US, he is prepared to drop everything and go to the country to see what itís all about.

    Thereís more on this at the Lindows site, here


    Dr Evil

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    Ahh just another Attempt from Microsoft to control the Monopoly game so to speak..
    Allwell i guess that they have there right to think that this lindows company is ripping them off.
    But then again there 0s could be somthing different to Windows..
    I don't know never personally used this Lindows..
    Anyhow thanks for the info Dr_Evil.


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    Microsoft..hmm, sounds like a good adjective for bill gates's manhood.

    Hypocrisy! What is their case? That Lindows is windows based or does it have altered microsoft code? Or do they think they own all rights to all computers sold from any company anywhere in the world? Did they patent the right to sell computers with an OS installed?
    Someone please tell me why because I'm confused. Evil triumphs when good people do nothing. If hacker groups are able to take over small countries they should band together and take over/out microsoft. I would not even be a bit suprised if it was discovered that microsoft
    has ties to Al-Queda or some other nasty terrorist organization. That would not suprise me at all! Boycott Microsoft! Boycott Microsoft!
    \"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic\" -Arthur C. Clark

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