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Thread: log command

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    log command

    Is there a way I can create a log for the stuff that I type in command.exe? Thanks for the help.

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    You could just install a standard keylogger that logs all keystrokes, but it sounds like you just want to log keystrokes for the command prompt. There has to be some way to right a batch file that will log every keystroke a user makes. Where is our resident batch file guru. If nobody responds with something that just logs keystrokes made in the command prompt, you can try this: http://www.kmint21.com/keylogger/
    that is the first free option I got when I typed keylogger into a google search, you may want to check around a bit more before downloading that one. Good luck.

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    If you are using W98, the DOSKEY util may be useful to you. It functions just like the up arrow method in W2k, XP, etc..
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    AO has key loggers in the downloads section h3r3tic, I thought you would know that bye now.

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    Offcourse if you want to keep it simple and you don't mind typing some extra lines , you can type ">> x:\nameoflog.txt" after every command ...

    The only problem I encounter with this (on a Xp-box) is that , for example you perform a ping to any address and you put the command in this log you don't get to see the output.
    It writes the output in the log instead of showing it ...I hope I explain it ok.

    For example : ping 192.x.x.x >> x:\pinglog.txt writes the "answer" in this logfile immediately and does not show it on-screen

    Maybe this solution is enough , else you will have to use one of the keyloggers.

    Hope it helps,
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    AO has key loggers in the downloads section h3r3tic, I thought you would know that bye now.
    Yes, that's true but people say the ao archive contains trojanned files or files with virii, and you also don't really know how the keylogger will exactly work without downloading it.
    It's better to download files from other resources...
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    any "known" keylogger you d/l from anywhere will be picked up as a virus/trojan/hacktool. anti-virus programs operate under the assumption that people wouldn't intentionaly put stuff like this on their system...itn't that silly

    there is a program called cmdlog.pl which is supposed to logs everything entered at a cmd prompt


    i think maybe its for an older version of perl because i can't seem to get it to work.

    this was made for monitoring system security as most attacks are done from a command prompt. if someone knows enough perl to make correction this would be a great thing to have.
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