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Thread: This A Book Question

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    This A Book Question

    Well I've been really wanting to learn more about the many different aspects of Operating Systems. Recently I have found a book on the net which is not out yet but seems very interesting now I was just wondering what you guys think about it.

    Title: Operating Systems, Third Edition
    ISBN: 0131828274


    Part 1: Introduction to Hardware, Software and Operating Systems

    1. Introduction to Operating Systems
    2. Hardware and Software Concepts
    Part 2: Processes and Threads

    3. Process Concepts
    4. Thread Concepts
    5. Asynchronous Concurrent Execution
    6. Concurrent Programming
    7. Deadlock and Indefinite Postponement
    8. Processor Scheduling
    Part 3: Real and Virtual Memory

    9. Real Memory Management and Organization
    10. Virtual Memory Organization
    11. Virtual Memory Management
    Part 4: Secondary Storage, File Systems and Database Systems

    12. Disk Performance Optimization
    13. File and Database Systems
    Part 5: Performance, Processors and Multiprocessor Management

    14. Performance and Processors
    15. Multiprocessor Management
    Part 6: Networking and Distributed Computing

    16. Introduction to Networking
    17. Introduction to Distributed Systems
    18. Distributed Systems and Web Services
    Part 7: Security

    19. Security
    Part 8: Operating System Case Studies

    20. Case Study: Linux
    21. Case Study: Windows XP
    What do you guys think? Sound like a book that you would read ?
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    Re: This A Book Question

    Originally posted here by Agent_Steal
    Title: Operating Systems, Third Edition
    ISBN: 0131828274
    What do you guys think? Sound like a book that you would read ?
    I don't know if I would actually sit and read it cover to cover. It appears very similar in content to the one we use at university for the network operating systems course, and is more for study and used as reference rather than a good read. It is in fact required for the operating systems element by the majority of degree and HND course in computing

    Operating Systems incorporating Unix & Windows 3rd edition
    Colin Ritchie
    ISBN 0-8264-5382-1

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    I would most likely read the book but it can only teach you so much and to have a machine that had one or both operating systems on it. because that is where you learn the most is by using the OS.

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