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Thread: Cannot assign AP's to ignored users

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    Cannot assign AP's to ignored users

    Noticed this while viewing a post by MrMittens, who, for obvious reasons, has been placed on my ignore list. When viewing a post from an ignored user via the link provided, I cannot assign antipoints to that post. It tells me that the thread has been closed. Since this post was in the non-sensical thread, this is obviously some sort of bug.

    When viewing the antipoint status of an ignored user from a popup window, the java popup simply says "MrMittens has AntiPoints" or whatever the name is, regardless of the actual number of antipoints amassed.

    Also, the AntiOnline server clock is 5 minutes slow. Not a big deal, but I'm posting here anyway, so I thought I'd let you know.
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    I can assign ap's just fine and the thread is not closed I believe it has to do with the fact that you have him on your ignore list that is why you can't assign.

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    This should be fixed. Let me know if you continue to see the problem.

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