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Thread: Javascrypt

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    Javascrypt, a Javascript based encryption utility, added to slashdot today, check it out here:

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    Heh, that's pretty neat. Thanks for linking to it. I've not heard of this idea before.

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    Very Nice. If you search AO Archives I made my own Javascript encryption/decryption program. Of course mine is no-where near as secure as this since my algorithm wasn't designed to be strong. I could probably take this and write in some file loading/saving functions in ActiveX for Internet Explorer like my previous program, or save it to a cookie. But I think if I do that I'll use it on my Sony Clie with it's web browser and have my own secure data on my PDA... (I was able to make my other Javascript encryption program compatible with it - but it isn't very secure and I'm slowly getting around to breaking my original algorithm)

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