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Thread: rh linux stock kernel?

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    rh linux stock kernel?

    Hey everyone,

    I was looking into installing a stock kernel for Red Hat to make it easier (I was told) to install some video drivers and use 3D acceleration

    Anyway, I was taking a look at this page, but it said Intel platform only. But I have an AMD..?

    Can you explain the difference?

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    I cannot see those commands not working on an AMD processor. AMDs and Intels are both x86 based architectures and Linux fully supports them both. I believe there was at one time some problems using the onboard cache with K6 processors, but newer processors should have no trouble with it.

    I do not use AMD's so I cannot know for certain. However, I know several people running the same stock kernel I am on AMDs and they have no problems with it. Those commands should work fine.

    See The Linux Hardware Compatibility HOWTO

    Somebody correct me if I am wrong.
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