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Thread: Outpost/Plugins...Don't forget!

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    Outpost/Plugins...Don't forget!

    Hi, just wanted to remind Outpost users about some really neat 3rd party plugins available to them:

    Third party developers’ plug-ins

    * PC Flank WhoEasy
    Finds information about any computer in the world based on its IP address or name.
    * Blockpost
    Creates an UnTrusted Zone of IPs you want to be completely blocked.
    * Super Stealth
    Provides complete security in your Ethernet segment
    * HTTPLog
    A useful plug-in that logs HTTP requests.
    * Traffic Led
    Creates a tray icon to display the traffic upload (left) and download (right) speed.
    You can get them here.

    WhoEasy isn't free (), but I just might end up paying for that one cause I really like it.

    Blockpost is especially important for us Outpost users for obvious reasons, not completely sure why Agnitum didn't make this a standard Outpost feature to begin with. It's not perfect, and it's certainly not as painless as Sygate when it comes to entering IP's to block, but hey, it's better than not having it at all.

    That Super Stealth gave me some trouble, but I've only used it for a day.

    I really like the Traffic Led plugin because it gives you that nice little traffic indicator very similar to the one you see in ZA.

    Outpost also annihilates the huge AD out on the front board too, and that's just priceless! J/k

    I usually toggle back and forth between Sygate and Outpost these days. Just started using these plugins for Outpost as of late though. I have to say that I would give Sygate the upperhand only it always holds port 1025 open on my machine and that drives me nuts!

    That's all, plus I'm bored....


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    i could be wrong but the name implies that it is a whois type device. if thats the case you could save a few buck and use sam spade from www.samspade.org its a must have tool anyway and its free
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    Yes, you're right, it is a whois type of deal. I just really liked the layout and the fact that it was built in. Good point, I'll probably just stick to using samspade for now. Thanks.

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