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Thread: Ultra Newbie Tutorial

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    Ultra Newbie Tutorial

    Ultra Newbie Tutorial

    Your new computer is an electrical appliance. It must be treated with respect. Soft drinks poured over the keyboard, peanut butter in the cd, will cause it to malfunction.

    A virus is something that can cause your new toy to become very sick. Virus are not STD's and a Trojan will not protect you from them. Virus's and Trojans may cause your (computers) performance to decline.

    You must take measures to protect your self. Its like safe sex.....you must wear a rubber, and have regular check ups. A good virus engine(scanner) is like getting a check up, and a firewall is like wearing a rubber, except that you don't throw it away after using it once. A firewall fits over your internet connection and keeps unwanted transmissions from going either way. It can either be a hardware style, or a software style of a firewall.

    You must also be aware of spy ware. Like a peeping tom, spy ware reports your comings, and goings, and who you see.

    So have a safe and pleasurable computing experience. Fit a firewall over your internet connection. Have a regular virus check up, and be aware of spy ware that tracks who you are seeing.
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    lol great post
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    (Practice safe hex to avoid computer viruses.)
    Real security doesn't come with an installer.

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    I'm assuming that having no internet is like abstinence .

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    Nice one there but keep them hidden so that we enjoy it better

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